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Scott Ord


President & Founder Scott Ord

Great Canadian Entertainment has been in the making since 2006 - 2007, while GCE President and Founder Scott Ord was still in high school.  Like most great ideas, this one came from a desperate place.   Not seeing a future in any typical post-secondary pursuits, Scott immediately got a job working at a local recording studio in Winnipeg.  Soon after that, he moved to Vancouver, where he studied sound engineering, music production, and music business at the Nimbus School of Recording Arts.  

It was in Vancouver that he gained his first taste of what the professional music industry was really like, working as an assistant on Half Moon Run's 'Dark Eyes' (2012) and Hedley's 'Storms' (2011), the later winning a Juno award for Pop Album of the Year.

After graduating from college at the top of his class, Scott moved to Los Angeles, where he spent a year working for famed hip hop producer DJ Khalil, during which time he worked on Aloe Blacc's 'Lift Your Spirit' (2014), which was nominated for Best R&B Album at the 2015 Grammy Awards.  Later he worked at Los Angeles' premiere recording studio the Village Recorder, where he got to meet and work alongside many of his childhood hero's.  

Soon after moving to Los Angeles, he started to compile the notes and business plans he made for Great Canadian Entertainment over the years, and slowly began to start a business and build a brand.  

Scott prides himself in drawing inspiration from different industries.  Looking to tech companies for inspiration instead of your standard music industry success stories.  He is truly dedicated to making Great Canadian Entertainment a world-class, cutting edge creative content company.   

Scott Ord manages the careers of The FaceplantsCasimir Gruwel, JR Butler, and Frannie Klein.

Scott on Twitter:  @ScottOrd, Instagram:  @ScottOrd