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Frannie Klein


Frannie Klein is bringing real country music back.  Authentic, badass, and genuine - she is the real deal.  Growing up on Lake Manitoba and raised on a cattle ranch,  she has been immersed in the country lifestyle since birth.  Forever embracing her aboriginal heritage, she often spends time back in Ebb & Flow First Nation , and credits much of her musical passion, fierce spirit, and attitude to her time spent there.  

Frannie Klein and GCE President Scott Ord started collaborating in the summer of 2015, working together to create the best possible debut project for her.  The album was written by Frannie during a handful of trips down to Nashville over the last two years.  Together, with a band of Winnipeg's finest musicians, they have begun to produce a project that is fun, timeless, and classic. 

Frannie on Twitter:  @FrannieKae, on Instagram:  @FrannieKae